<aside> 🙃 Pragmatic product design & discovery leader. I can help your teams make real progress fast, especially if you’re stuck on a messy, complex, ambiguous challenge.


Your success always depends on the behaviours of people and systems outside your control. Start with those.

Join my cohort-based course Innovate Confidently with Pivot Triggers

Get your hands on the most powerful and pragmatic product methods I’ve found and remixed over 20 years.

“From every lesson I learned something where I thought "ok this is good, and usable for a team of designers I have.”” – Jan Rezac

“super easy to grasp and really human-friendly … almost tricks us getting faster outcomes that increase confidence against a specific idea.” – Michele Mazzucco

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Author of Innovation Tactics – a new **Pip Decks** deck, launching early 2023 🚀


Creator of Pivot Triggers – a set of lightweight scaffolding that helps teams innovate confidently by doing discovery and delivery at the same time in the right order.

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