<aside> ✍️ Author of Innovation Tactics the deck of methods, exercises and frameworks that helps you make things people really want.


Your success always depends on the behaviours of people and systems outside your control. That’s where to focus your efforts.

I coach startup founders going from 0 to 1. This means I mostly work with 3 kinds of team:

1) PMF Diagnostic

🏥 "We built the features and put in the effort … but it's not working, help!"

A lot of what’s been taught about how to do startups is counterproductive. I’m looking at you, "build, measure, learn".

I recently worked with an excellent team who’d been shipping for 4 years, but hadn't yet made a true sale. I worked with them to diagnose what was blocking them and identify ways forward. Clarity was painful, but sorely needed.

2) Discovery Booster

🚀 "We've started building, but we're not able to do discovery fast enough!"

Because startups are small and big companies are big, relatively few employees have experience with 0 to 1. And big company approaches are great – just not for startups.

So I coach founders and teams in stage-appropriate discovery and experimentation methods, so they can get signals fast, adapt effectively and find product-market fit.

3) Probe for Potential

🔮 "I'm not building a damn thing until I find a growth market!"

Serial founders tend to have been burnt before, and resist building until they know they've got a real market opportunity.

I help these founders with lightweight early customer interviews and market probes, so they get the signals they need either to shift markets or to go for it with an idea that has a lot of potential.

In every case, we ditch debates about features, and cut to the core of product-market fit:

A hungry crowd; a killer offer; deliver the goods.

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